Workshop and Exhibition in Florida

All the the details came together at the last minute, and I'm excited to announce that there will be an exhibition of my work at the Dunedin Fine Art Center in Florida, June 07- August 18, 2019. I'll be in the company of several other talented artists, and one of my favorite people, Jane Sassaman! I will be there for opening weekend and will be teaching a 2-day class! 

For info about the class click here:…

For the exhibition click here:


Spring Retreat New Braunfels TX April 2019

Last week I had the great pleasure of spending a super enjoyable week in New Braunfels, TX, for my first Spring Retreat. The students started very exciting works, and new bonds were made by all. Everyone enjoyed everyone! We also visited the nearby historic area of Gruene (several times!) As for me, I overindulged in the two things I don't have access to in France - juicy TX BBQ and real Mexican food! 

This particular class is not an easy one, nor is it a "project class" - it's all about discovery. And, depending on how one is accustomed to working, this process may test your nerves at times. I enjoy the process of guiding each student down their own unique path and witnessing as forms start to emerge. Each person brought something different to the table and that energy and vision enhanced the experience for everyone.

Several students were with me for 2-5 day workshops in the past, and many brought the finished pieces they started in that class.


Thank you for reading and stay tuned for info on upcoming workshops.

Quilt National 2019

I am very (VERY!!!) happy to have my piece “Tangerine Dreams” juried into Quilt National ‘19 at the Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens Ohio. And may I say, I am in great company! As I gaze at the list of exhibitors, I see so many friends and artists that I admire. There are at least five fellow students from workshops I took when I first started out. I feel this will be an outstanding and very graphic show, and I’m so honored to be a part of it! In addition, one of my mentors will be exhibiting, the legendary Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, who I absolutely adore.

The very first time I entered was in 2012, for QN13, and to my surprise, my work “From a Seed” was accepted. I have entered the past two shows, but didn’t get in for different reasons. In 2014, I realized that my entry was going to be in a SAQA publication, so I had to withdraw it. (yikes) The second, in 2016, was a painted piece, “Fire Kachina Dances”, and it was not accepted.

This piece, which I will share only detail shots of (because I do support the element of surprise) is not very large, but I love the palette. I had been so busy with other things that I didn’t think I’d have anything to enter. However, at the last minute, I decided to push myself and finish it! The last two days were brutal as I was working 18 hours each day to finish what would normally take me a week or two. I’m not someone who enjoys the “designing process” under pressure. Now, the quilting I can do, because it doesn’t require the the same level of creativity, but it requires absolute focus. My body paid the price but I managed to finish, photograph and enter 5 hours before the deadline.

Therefore, I am super grateful that my hard “last minute” work was appreciated and chosen. I thank the Jurors, Françoise Barnes, Carolyn Ducey and Judy Kirpich, for appreciating my work and selecting it to be part of QN19!


Final night push!


Detail: Tangerine Dreams, 24” x 25”, pieced using cotton hand dyed by the artist.

Congratulations to all of the artists!

I'm a "Covergirl"...

I am honored to be on the cover of the current and final issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited. Unfortunately, like so many mags before, it is out of business. While I was certainly looking forward to having a printed copy, I am grateful I made it on the last digital edition.

It was a pleasure to write the article and work with the editor, Kit Robinson. She was very professional and gave me the freedom to share and express everything that came to me at the time. If you are interested in checking it out, you may purchase and download it HERE.


Jungle Love, 2016   54"x 77"

Exhibition in Japan

Last month, I had the great pleasure of experiencing Japan for the first time. I also had the tremendous honor of exhibiting my work at the Yomiuri Quilt Festival in Yokohama. It was a pleasure to meet the wonderful Japanese quilters and to share my work! 

Much thanks to  Naomi Ichikawa for inviting me to Japan and being such a gracious hostess! 

A little more from our experience in Kyoto...

AQS Grand Rapids QuiltWeek

It was a great week at the AQS Quiltweek in Grand Rapids Michigan! I taught a few workshops, and one that I will never teach again and I'll explain later. 

Twenty of my works were on exhibit, but I didn't get to spend time there, meeting and talking to people like I usually do. However, at the end of each workshop, I took the students there so I could explain my process. This was more helpful as they had hands on experience and were able to better understand how I work. 

Here are a couple of video interviews from the exhibit: 

My workshops are definitely not "project" classes, where you will leave with a finished piece. It's a beginning, and the first step for many, into a new way of approaching how you construct an art quilt.

Before I only taught one class (Expressing Your True Self: One Piece at a Time) because it allowed students to go in any direction they wanted. I also preferred to teach in a 4-5 day retreat style format. Now I have opened to teaching one and two day classes on occassion, but I find it difficult to stay within the bounds of the theme. The class I mentioned before, that I think I will discontinue is SURPRISE LOG CABIN. The reason for this is that students will start creating something and I see what it can be, and I don't like to try to fit it within the boundaries of a theme. 

Many teachers teach many different techniques and classes, and that is applicable to what they have to offer and how they teach. But for me, I like to be free, and I like my students to be free too! The other classes I have are not as challenging, as far as keeping on track, but I've taught this one two times and each time the same result. 

Anyway, that's the end of my little rant and I'm spending the day doing much needed updating on my site. 

Here are some photos from the two day workshop I taught, "Creating from a Nucleus." I had a great group! They were cool, really enthusiastic and all went in different directions, which I love. This was the case for all three workshops. Many got further than I can in two days! 

The beginning of 

And for those of you that follow my blog, you know I like to end with sharing a decadent indulgence! Ruth's Chris... ooooh la la! Only in the USA...  lol


Solo Exhibition in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Palette Contemporary Art and Craft is hosting “Improv,” a contemporary art-quilt solo exhibition of my work in Albuquerque New Mexico through March 2, 2017. 

Click here for an article written by a local critic about the show. It's always bizarre and enjoyable for me to read what another sees in my work! Goodness knows I'm not one for intellectualizing my art, but I'm grateful for the kind and insightful review.

I hope some of you will be able to visit the gallery and see my work. 

WHEN: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays through March 2, 2017

WHERE: Palette Contemporary Art and Craft, Suite 22, Mossman Center, 7400 Montgomery NE



I'm Exhibiting and Teaching in Rome!

Greetings to you all...

I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be teaching for 3 days, November 25, 26 and 27, 2016, at ART QUILT ROMA. I will also be part of fantastic group of artists exhibiting their work at L'ARTE MORBIDA. Everything is at the same location, which is in the center of Rome. 

I will be teaching three different classes:

Lines and Curves (All Levels)

Students will combine thick and thin lines with curved pieces and assemble the quilt top in rows. I will demonstrate construction techniques for sewing curved seams and discuss some of the challenges you may run into with spontaneous design and piecing.

Surprise Log Cabin (All Levels)

Students will use the various color families to assemble pieces that will be cut up and restructured. The result will not necessarily resemble a Log Cabin pattern, but this will be the method of construction. The blocks may vary in size or be uniform. The emphasis will be on scale and value.

Quiet With a Pop (Intermediate)

Using predominately neutral, quiet colors as the background, students will create a focal point with bold color and extend that color through the piece in a balanced manner. I will demonstrate construction techniques for sewing curved seams and discuss some of the challenges you may run into with spontaneous design and piecing.


I am now teaching one day classes that focus on one method of approaching the construction of your piece. In the past, when I teach 4 or 5-day classes, I give the students various options and they go in different directions. I will still continue to teach in this way, however I would like to give students a little more structure when I'm with them only one day. For this workshop, however, since I'll be teaching 3 days, it's a good opportunity to take all three classes and have more time with me so I may assist and support students as they explore this way of working.  

So... If any of my U.S. friends are feeling adventurous and spontaneous, this will be a lot of fun!

The website is in Italian of course, but if you have any interest, please feel free to contact me and I will give you more info. 


Exhibition and Workshop at the International Quilt Study Center

Last week I had the great pleasure of traveling to Lincoln Nebraska to see my work on display, give a talk and teach a workshop at International Quilt Study Center and Museum. I was incredibly impressed with the museum; the galleries were beautiful and each exhibit was designed perfectly. Everyone was so accommodating and friendly, and though my visit was a quick one, it was a special experience. 

The exhibition will be up until early Novemeber, 2016.


This is absolutely a major milestone for me. I'm so grateful to show my work in this gallery. 

This beautiful, open space was where I gave my talk and the workshop the next day.  

- 12.jpg

...with members of the Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild.

- 16.jpg

My workshop was great, the students were open and eager to learn. The natural light was fantastic! 

- 17.jpg

I'm definitely a "sewing machine girl" but I have so much respect and admiration for those who do it by hand. This was the first time I had a student in one of my workshops that didn't use a machine and I was impressed with her speed! 

Currently, there are three others exhibits at the museum, and unfortunately I only have photos of two. The first one is "United in Memory - 9/11 Victims Memorial Quilt." The quilt consists of 143 panels containing personalized blocks for each victim of the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. I believe only 7 of the panels are displayed here. Needless to say, it was very moving...

The second was "Quilts from Southwest China" with gorgeous hand pieced and appliquéd quilts.

While I was in Nebraska, I thought I'd go all out with the food, but the proportion of the potato vs. the steak was too much! ...but very delicious. 


Exhibition at the International Quilt Study Center

I am very honored to announce the opening of my exhibit at the International Quilt Study Center, in the Pumphrey Family Gallery, in Lincoln NE.  
Expressions from a Place of Trust

I'll also be teaching a one day workshop: "Expressing Yourself: One Piece at a Time" Saturday, September 3, 2016, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. In addition, I'll be giving a talk Friday evening September 2, and admission is free.
Click here for more infoabout the workshop: Expressing Yourself: One Piece at a Time

The exhibit will be up until early November so I hope some of you will be able to see it.  

Carrefour European Patchwork Exhibition 2015

In September, I had the honor of exhibiting my work at the European Patchwork Meeting in Sainte Marie Aux Mines, France. The experience and the connections I made with people were very special and I'm grateful I had the opportunity to share my work. I met people from so many different countries and it's a joy for me to observe people gravitating to certain pieces and and sharing with me what they see... 

My partner Adrien was invaluable helping me set up and translating for me! 

I created many new works for the exhibit, and many of them were whole cloth painted with fiber reactive dyes.

"The Guardian" 

It was great to meet in person, many of my FB friends from all over the world.

Adrien speaking to French quilters about my process...

"Alien Territory" 3 panels whole cloth dye painted and free motion quilted.

"Earth Goddess" Whole cloth dye painted and free motion quilted.

"Untamed Symphony"

"Mallemort" Pieced and free motion quilted. This is the first piece I created when I came to France last year. 

"A Garden in Motion" Pieced and free motion quilted.

"Out of the Vortex" Whole cloth dye painted and free motion quilted.

"The Guardian" Whole cloth dye painted and free motion quilted. This is inspired by my American Indian ancestry. 

"Marie Magdeline de la Sainte Baume" Whole cloth dye painted and free motion quilted. 


"A Birds Eye", "Lair of the Amethyst Deva" and "The Beach." Pieced and free motion quilted. 


Student Work/Space in my Madeline Island Workshop

It's always so exciting for me to see what my students produce in class, and even more so when then send me photos of their quilts completed...

And Nancy has a ribbon! 





My next workshop is at the end of this month, August 31 to September 4, 2015, at the Madeline Island School of the Arts and there are still a few openings. This is the last class I have on the books for now, so if you've been thinking about taking my workshop, this is a beautiful venue. I taught here last year and this is a link to my blog post about my experience: Madeline Island Workshop 2014

We say the ferry boat ride here is just the beginning to a fun filled week of creativity and magic on Madeline Island!   

Our fabulous workshops are known for the wonderfully spacious and light-filled studios on our campus, the luxurious on - site lodging we provide, and nationally acclaimed instructors who elevate the experience.  

Board the car ferry in Bayfield, WI and in 20 
 minutes you'll slip into "Island Time."   


Sheila Frampton-Cooper
August 31-September 4
Sheila is presently living in France and this is her last 5-day quilting class for the indefinite future as she intends to pursue additional artistic avenues.  

Don't miss this awesome opportunity to learn her signature approach one final time at Madeline Island School of the Arts!

"Expressions in Equality" at Visions Art Museum in San Diego

Susan Shie, "ER: Page of Potholders (coins) in the Kitchen Tarot."

January 17—April 4, 2015

Opening Reception: January 17, 5-7pm.

"When I think of Martin Luther King, Jr., one thing comes to mind: equality. I'm not only referring to equality of humans based on their skin color, but the broad differences amongst us that people find challenging to accept and embrace," states Sheila Frampton-Cooper, curator for the exhibition, Expressions in Equality at Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles. The exhibition opens with a reception for the artists on January 17th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Frampton-Cooper wants to bring attention to discrimination and the way society treats issues such as gender, age, sexual orientation, and economic inequality. 

The Artists:

Alice Beasley, Dawn Williams Boyd, Blake Chamberlain, Hollis Chatelain, Shin-Hee Chin, Marion Coleman, Randall Cook, Ife Felix, Sheila Frampton-Cooper, Laura Gadson, Valerie Goodwin, Jerry Granata, Deborah Grayson, Sherry Davis Kleinman, Pauline Karasch Salzman, Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, Sandra Lauterbach, Judy Zoelzer Levine, Kathy Nida, Mary Pal, Pam Ru Bert, Susan Shie and Susan Wessels. 

Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles is located at 2825 Dewey Road in Liberty Station, San Diego, California. Museum hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. Admission is $7. Children age 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult. Visions Art Museum members enjoy free admission., 619-546-4872.

In addition to the opening of EXPRESSIONS IN EQUALITY, my friend Margaret Fabrizio's exhibit opens:

January 17—April 4, 2015
Opening Reception: January 17, 5-7pm

After a career as a concert harpsichordist on the international stage and as music faculty at Stanford University for 25 years, artist Margaret Fabrizio discovered the kawandi (quilts) made by the Siddi women of Karnataka on a visit to India. After spending two weeks with the Siddi women in their settlement she became fascinated with their style of hand sewing quilts using scraps and recycled clothing. Fabrizio returned to her home in San Francisco and created 20 such quilts the following year using primarily fabrics from India. The Siddi women were astonished when she returned last year with fabric. Fabrizio continues to create quilts in the style of the Siddis.

"Kelp" Won 3rd Place in Houston

Last night I attended the awards ceremony and I was blown away by the winning quilts and so honored to receive an award. This is a very special creation with a secret story, and I'm so excited that the energy I put into this piece was appreciated by the judges. Of course, I'm always grateful to be included in the show at all... 

Kelp 54" x 70"


This morning I had a wonderful visit with Libby Lehman, and she looks amazing! 


Michael James and his wife were also there for a visit, and it was great to finally meeting this legendary artist.

"Little Fantasy" and 1000 Quilt Inspirations

I received an email this morning notifying me that my work would be included in this awesome book 1000 Quilt Inspirations. It comes out in February, but it can be ordered now. To my surprise, "Little Fantasy" is on the cover, upper right hand corner.  :) 

Here's more info about the book and the author: 

As one of the core, traditional crafts, quilting is enjoyed by countless enthusiasts around the world - and its popularity is only growing. This collection of one thousand quilt DETAILS builds upon this interest, showcasing some of today's most innovative and beautiful WORK. See how others utilize color and design elements to craft creative pieces. Gain inspiration from their variations and intricate techniques. Maybe even CONSTRUCT your own original quilts. Whether YOU ARE a quilter or a collector, a craft-lover or an art enthusiast, 1000 Quilt Inspirations is sure to inspire your admiration and appreciation of the art of quilting. It's also likely to get you itching for some fabrics of your own!

Dr. Sandra Sider, a New York quilt artist and independent curator, has published articles and reviews concerning fiber art and other aspects of visual culture for three decades. Her graduate degrees include an M.A. in art history from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. She was President of Studio Art Quilt Associates (2010-2013), and is Consulting Curator for the Texas Quilt Museum.

Art Quilt Auction to Benefit Libby Lehman

This is my contribution to "Inspired by Libby", an auction to benefit Libby Lehman's Medical Fund. It will be on display in a special exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston October 29 through November 2, 2014. It's 30" x 30", appli-pieced using my hand dyed fabric and free motion quilted.

I've titled it "Metamorphosis" which is a biological process by which a being undergoes an abrupt change in body structure through cell growth and differentiation.
I was inspired by the colors of Libby's piece "Skyview II: Crop Circles", and I chose to use the color she used the least of to be most prominent, sky blue.

Inspired By Libby Auction and Exhibit

A collection of 34 quilts created by 33 award winning artists and teachers Inspired By Libby Lehman to raise money to aide her in medical expenses.
Go to from October 22 through November 5 and join in on the auction. Simple registration is required and you are ready to bid! If you are at the International Quilt Show Market or Festival in Houston this October, please come by and check out the exhibit in person. There will be a single silent auction quilt available to bid on during Festival, October 29 through November 2, 2014.

Here is a video of Libby viewing some of the quilts: 



Madeline Island School of Art - Wisconsin

In June I taught a workshop at MISA, and it was really an awesome venue in every way! The attention to detail was amazing - the staff, the facility, the cookies, the wine, and the food were all top notch... Jenna and Charles were the most gracious hosts. I was really really impressed...  :)

If you have ever considered taking a workshop at MISA, I would highly recommend it.

When I landed in Duluth, I had been up over 24 hours, and the weather was pretty lousy. After an hour of driving, and being hipnotized by the windshield wipers, I had to pull into a roadside cafe for some coffee. 

When I arrived at the ferry, all of my stress and exhaustion melted away... I was on my way to a new adventure.  

This is the farmhouse I shared with the lovely and talented artist Elin Noble and her artist husband Lasse. Anyone that knows me well is aware that I'm usually not fond of having a roommate(s). However, they were wonderful! I so enjoyed my time with them. I would walk in throughout the day and Lasse would be working. On the table was a collection of stones he'd picked up on his walks. I laughed because as the days went on, the amount of stones increased and were filling up the table! Very Zen...  :)

We each had a bottle of wine and a note waiting for us. Jenna made me a lovely fruit bowl.  

I spent a lot of time here... :)

My classroom was in this building, along with Elin's.

Student accomodations...

The classroom was stocked with refreshments that were replenished on a daily basis.

The delicious cookies were replenished every day as well! 

I had a small group of students, and wow, that was really nice! We bonded, laughed, worked hard and a blast! 

Diane shared a piece she made after watching my episode on The Quilt Show. I was pretty blown away...

This was a very funny "inside joke" that we all shared... ;)

And then it turned into a moose in the grass! The students surprised me with this creation, it was a group effort!  :) 

There was a lot of laughing, but also, a lot of hard work... I was amazed, as usual, by the work the students produced. It can be a daunting process, to go into the unknown with no plan, and quite uncomfortable at times, but it's so exciting to see what emerges.



The two pieces above were a result of our first exercise. 

I was so happy to have Carol in my class. We've known each other for a few years and met in Lake Tahoe.  

Jane was sharing a very personal and touching piece she made to honor her father. 


Breakfast and lunch were served in the lovely barn. I appreciated that the refrigerator was totally stocked, and if you got the late night munchies, you could go in and make a cheese and fruit plate, or get more cookies! And you know the cheese was good... 

There were two other classes going on, Elin's natural dyes workshop, and the other a photography workshop. We all went together on an eveing excursion to see the sea caves. There was a daredevel showing off his skills in a Ultralight plane.  

And wow, the sea caves! Amazing, and the light was perfect!


It was a wonderful evening! 

On my way back to the mainland...

Once I got to the other side, I went for breakfast...

...and I met this little sweetheart, Ish. Turns out, he's from Los Angeles, and doesn't live too far from me. He's 16 and was visited his grandparents. 

The drive back to the airport was quite scenic. Everything is green...  


The icing on the cake for me was on my flight from Chicago to LA, Stevie Wonder was sitting in the row just in front of me. I had the opportunity to tell him how much I love his work, and I had actually been listening to his music on the plane. He is one of my musical heros and what a magical man he is...

I always love night landings in Los Angeles...

Exhibit in Lauris, France - May 2014

I had the great pleasure of spending a month in the incredibly beautiful region of Provence in May. It left an imprint on me, in many ways...

Here's a snapshot of my experience...

My work was shown in a wonderful cave gallery in the village of Lauris at the Jardins de Magali. 

It was truly an incredible venue for my work. 

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry and Sue Rasmussen were also showing their work and we had a wonderful time together! 

 Here's a video showing the Jardins de Magali and me talking about my work.

After the opening we went to dinner together and enjoyed an amazing view from the Chateau in Lauris.

André Girod is in the middle and he and his wife Françoise own the gallery. They were both incredibly gracious hosts, and on this day he arranged for us to visit the textile manufacturer les OLIVADES for a private tour.  

The cotton is being scorched...

We were able to get up close and view the screen printing process.

Here are a few videos I shot of the scorching process, which I found facinating.



I also taught a workshop, and had wonderul students! 

Caroline modeling a future garment?  :)

On the right was my wonderul interpreter, Nathalie! And Caroline also stepped in to help me... Goodness knows I needed it!

Just up the stairs was my flat, a lovely place with a great view.  :)

View from my kitchen window... 

Pascale and her festive "work in progress"...  :)

This sculptor lived around the corner from the gallery. I could hear him working during the day. He has quite an intense presence, and I love his work!  

I spent the last week alone with my little "poppy" and we had some great adventures together...

Fontaine de Vaucluse

The trail to the Grotte de la Sainte-Baume

When you look closely, you see the most beautiful little creatures...

...inside the cave of St. Marie-Madeleine, where she spent the last 30 years of her life living as a hermit.

I met these beautiful people when I arrived in St. Baume, and we hiked together to the cave. 

View from the entrance to the grotte...

This is the view from where we started the hike. We went all the up to the top and enjoyed lunch together.


Poppy and I were off to another adventure...

And you can see where she got her name! I was initially concerned that I was renting a "ticket magnet", but the horsepower was non-existent.  :)

Les Grottes de Thouzon


Carrieres de Lumineres  Wow, I went here three times! It was amazing!


This is a small snapshot of my magical experience... I hope you enjoy the photos.  -s