Hollis' Master Color Class 2012 at the Oregon Garden Resort

I spent a week in early June at the Oregon Garden Resort, about an hour from Portland. What a beautiful place to take a workshop...

Hollis really worked us, and even though I consider myself an artist who is comfortable with color, I learned SO MUCH more. I adore and respect Hollis as a person and an artist and I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to study with her. 

This was the first picture I took upon arrival. 

My room was in this building, and was super nice! Comfortable bed, high ceilings, a fireplace and my own private patio. 

I stayed an extra day so I could actually see some sights, and the one that was #1 on my list was The Gordon House, by Frank Lloyd Wright.   

Mrs. Gordon was a weaver.

I think this was day two, and this was the main bunch that was burning the midnight oil every night. You'll notice one guy in this pic, Joseph, and he was at the resort for a conference and happened to wonder in out of curiousity. We were in a room right across from the bar/lounge. He took pity on us and ended up taking our drink orders and bringing back two bottles of wine and various cocktails. It was a fun night even though I'm looking pretty tired here. :)

Here I am modeling one of Kayla Kennington's amazing pieces. 

Mount Hood, kinda cool...

Last but not least, I flew up to Portland via Virgin America, and gee whiz, am I spoiled. Anything else will now be a let down...  

I ordered every free item that was available to me via the touch screen menu. It was a nice flight back home. I watched an excellent movie, "Jeff Living at Home" with Jason Segal. I laughed, I cried. I highly recommend it.