The Quilt Show taping in Boulder CO

What an incredible experience I had taping an episode of The Quilt Show in Boulder! I will admit, I had a case of the nerves initially because it was my first time doing something like this. However, I definitely relaxed into the experience and am so honored they asked me to do the show. 

I can't say enough about Alex and Ricky, they are total pros and really guided me though the process. Ricky reminds me of Gary Oldman's character in "The Fifth Element" in this shot. He just needs the clear skull cap. 

Justin, John, Shelly, Lilo and the entire crew were so supportive and warm, and they all have a great sense of humor!

Here I am playing on the Gammill as the master, Sue McCarty, checks out my work. Lucky for me that part of the photo is blown out.  :)

I had the good fortune of taping the same day as Sue McCarty and Angela Walters.

My husband and I fell in love with the Boulderado Hotel, just a block from the popular Pearl Street area. We had three meals there. The food and drinks were sublime, and the place itself is beautiful. If I go back to Boulder, that's where I'm staying. 

The first day we discovered the Boulerado Hotel, we noticed this wacky bus picking people up just outside. Of course, I had to get on that thing, so the next day, we experienced the Banjo Billy Tour complete with ghost stories told by a very funny guide. 

On the last day we went for a drive to the little mining town of Nederland, and stopped off to enjoy the scenery. I know I don't look too happy in this photo (but inside I'm really smiling!), but I'm coming down from all of the excitement I'd experienced in the past few days. It's was nice to be quiet, sit and just be. 

The town of Nederland, very cute indeed. 

I don't have pics of one of the highlights of my trip, and that was my visit to eQuilter, which is located in Boulder. We had a great lunch with Luana Rubin. I really dig Luana and her passionate, generous spirit. Sadly, I deleted my pics from our visit while on the Banjo Billy Tour. I guess I was distracted...