Perspectives: Fantasy and Reality - Exhibit at Road to CA


What a great time I had experiencing the "behind the scenes" world of setting up a major quilt show. It's a lot of work! Carolyn Reese, Matt Reese and the rest of the team were very supportive, and I certainly appreciated the opportunity and the experience. 

This was my first time curating an exhibit, and of course, I wanted to make sure I was with the quilts at all times. I was there for the set up, take down, and shipping.

The response was great and I was so grateful to have amazing artists and amazing works in this exhibit. It was very well recieved. 

Here is the description: 

"This exhibit will showcase quilts that are inspired by maps, aerial views and topography of actual or imaginary places. It may be somewhere the artist visited or would like to, or a vision from a dream. Imagine yourself in a spacecraft flying over an undiscovered planet, or take a trip into the vastness of an underwater world. We invite you to join us on a fantastic journey of discovery."

The Artists:

Frieda  AndersonELGIN, Illinois   Title: Hidden World

Hollis ChatelainHillsborough, NC   Quilt #1: Denim Flow  Quilt #2: From Stone

Karen CunaginFallbrook, CA   Title: BLUEPRINT: My Life to Scale

Eileen DoughtyVienna, VA   Title: Rhapsody Watershed

Lisa  EllisFairfax, VA   Title: Going Green: View From Space

Barbara E Friedman, San Diego, CA Title: The Visit

Valerie S GoodwinTallahassee, FL  Quilt #1: African Burial Ground III  Quilt #2: Scattered Archaeologies II

Sherry Davis  KleinmanPacific Palisades, CA,   Title: Bird's Eye View:  New York Avenue, Beach Haven, Long Beach Island

Paulette  LandersCamp Nelson, California   Quilt #1: Between Mars and Galaxia  Quilt #2:Mars: Penstemons Also Grow Here

Cat Larrea and Mark McDermottAnchorage, AL   Title: Chignik Lagoon

Sandra E. LauterbachLos Angeles, CA   Title: Out of the Box

Rodi S LudlumOak Park, CA   Title: Climbing to Higher Ground

Linda  McDonough, Beaver Island, MI   Title: Beaver Island Waterscape

Diana K. Shore, Bell Canyon, CA   Title: Cowpath In The Tundra

Gerri J Spilka and Delia Dungan, Philadelphia, PA   Quilt #1: City Edge #1  Quilt #2: City Edge #2

K. Velis TuranEarlton, NY   Quilt #1: MidTown A  Quilt #2: Midtown B



Click on the photo to check out an article that was written about the exhibit.

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