My Family Quilt Blog Hop

This week I'm participating in my first Blog Hop. It was organized by Cheryl Sleboda so we can share our quilts made by other members of our family. We were supposed to share one but I actually have three that are very special to me. 

The first two were made by my mother, Rochelle. 

My mom gave this to me for Christmas a few years ago, and I was in tears. I had long wished for a quilt like this because my sister received one for her wedding and I was so jealous. It features fabrics from my childhood and includes scraps from clothing my mom made for my sister, brother and myself. There are fabrics from childhood bedroom curtains and from my grandmothers clothing; it's an incredibly special quilt. My mom is a pretty traditional quilter and she typically doesn't use bright colors, but she knows what I love so I was so blown away by her color choices!  :)

There was one block in particular that really got me! The plaid one in the center. I remembered that fabric.

My mom used that fabric to make my dress for picture day when I was 5 years old. I could not believe she saved it.

This was an earlier quilt my mom made for me. It's all hand quilted, and to be honest, I really didn't appreciate that when I first received this. Of course, I was totally clueless. I will admit to being a challenging child with a strong will, and even though my parents probably wanted to pull their hair out quite often, they loved me for me and supported my love for painting.

I love the label! 


And last but not least, this was made by my amazing husband Matt and his mother Gayle. (Who is the best mother-in-law one could hope for)

All of the blocks were drawn by my husband when he was 5 years old. His mom gave him squares of paper and crayons and asked him to draw whatever he wanted. She then traced his drawings and painted them on fabric. This quilt won a ribbon at the Los Angeles Country fair!


Matt has named this quilt "The Cloak of Solitude". Up until recently, I mean really recently, my husband was using this quilt! It actually looks like an antique from the 1800's. My mom has already repaired it once and I suggested that it be given a rest for a while. ;)  Not to mention, I've made him several quilts which he stacks on top of himself at night. They are literally folded and only on his side. It's not uncommon for him to have two additional quilts on top of our queen sized quilt that I also made. It's quite hilarious. 


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