My "Quilt National" Experience

I was quite honored, to say the least, to have my piece "From a Seed" juried into Quilt National 2013. My husband Matt and I traveled to Athens Ohio to experience the opening weekend festivities. It was cool to actually be able to photograph the quilts. 

"From a Seed" ©Sheila Frampton-Cooper 2012  55" x 41"  Whole cloth painted with thickened fiber reactive dyes. I used paintsticks for additional details.

I wanted to create the feeling of rain falling with my quilting.

This is the original watercolor piece that inspired it. When I paint these, I use a very tiny brush and it's a "very precious" process for me. The other two paintings I've brought into quilt form were done with that same "exacting hand", but for this one, I wanted to let it fly out and be free and loose. 


This is an iconic place, so of course, I had to take the shot that everyone takes!


Here's a snapshot of the dynamic artwork on display.  I wanted to share a lot of work, but I ran out of steam. I'll be adding more to this gallery little by little. 


This sweet little lady was making the rounds to get her book signed... 

I was thrilled to meet two artists that I greatly admire - Elizabeth Barton and Pamela Allen.

We took a little time off to check out the town... 

We met a few students from Saudi...  

A double dose of "ticket magnet" rental cars. And yes, we did get a ticket, but I wasn't driving! 

Athens is quite tranquil, and very green.

There is a lot of land surrounding the Dairy Barn. It's a really lovely venue!