Exhibit in Lauris, France - May 2014

I had the great pleasure of spending a month in the incredibly beautiful region of Provence in May. It left an imprint on me, in many ways...

Here's a snapshot of my experience...

My work was shown in a wonderful cave gallery in the village of Lauris at the Jardins de Magali. 

It was truly an incredible venue for my work. 

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry and Sue Rasmussen were also showing their work and we had a wonderful time together! 

 Here's a video showing the Jardins de Magali and me talking about my work.

After the opening we went to dinner together and enjoyed an amazing view from the Chateau in Lauris.

André Girod is in the middle and he and his wife Françoise own the gallery. They were both incredibly gracious hosts, and on this day he arranged for us to visit the textile manufacturer les OLIVADES for a private tour.  

The cotton is being scorched...

We were able to get up close and view the screen printing process.

Here are a few videos I shot of the scorching process, which I found facinating.



I also taught a workshop, and had wonderul students! 

Caroline modeling a future garment?  :)

On the right was my wonderul interpreter, Nathalie! And Caroline also stepped in to help me... Goodness knows I needed it!

Just up the stairs was my flat, a lovely place with a great view.  :)

View from my kitchen window... 

Pascale and her festive "work in progress"...  :)

This sculptor lived around the corner from the gallery. I could hear him working during the day. He has quite an intense presence, and I love his work!  

I spent the last week alone with my little "poppy" and we had some great adventures together...

Fontaine de Vaucluse

The trail to the Grotte de la Sainte-Baume

When you look closely, you see the most beautiful little creatures...

...inside the cave of St. Marie-Madeleine, where she spent the last 30 years of her life living as a hermit.

I met these beautiful people when I arrived in St. Baume, and we hiked together to the cave. 

View from the entrance to the grotte...

This is the view from where we started the hike. We went all the up to the top and enjoyed lunch together.


Poppy and I were off to another adventure...

And you can see where she got her name! I was initially concerned that I was renting a "ticket magnet", but the horsepower was non-existent.  :)

Les Grottes de Thouzon


Carrieres de Lumineres  Wow, I went here three times! It was amazing!


This is a small snapshot of my magical experience... I hope you enjoy the photos.  -s