Ok, here are the last of my quilt photos... 



My piece, "In the Desert" was in the Tactile Architecture Exhibit.

"Road Trip" was my donation to the IQA Silent Auction. I'd like to know who the winning bidder was...  :)

The very talented Ferret

Super cool coat!

Sharon Schamber and Gail Thomas.

I thought this was an adorable booth...   :)

On our last night, Jena Moreno and her husband, Tom Gandy (the creators of the movie Stitched), took us to Hugo's for dinner. Lisa Ellis and Hollis were with us as well. There was a special celebration and menu for the Day of the Dead Celebration. The food was AMAZING, and we hope to get back there next year. 

These were the only shots I took because it was too dark. This was on display as you walked in. 


 Karey Bresenhan hosted an Art Quilt Reception at the Hyatt in Houston. It was a wonderful evening where online friends met in person. Members of QuiltArt and SAQA were in attendance. 


And last but not least, we enjoyed a slightly nerve-wrecking light show in the sky while in the air on the way back home. I shot video, and these barely do justice to what we witnessed. 

It was pretty funny because I felt like William Shatner in that Twilight Zone episode when only he sees the "monster on the wing". Everyone was sleeping or their windows were closed, and I was glued to my window!  :)

It really was an incredibly beautiful site, I must say. 

I'm definitely one of those people that can't sleep on a plane, no matter how tired I am. I like to gaze out of the window and enjoy the sites. I don't know where this is, but it is beautiful.