IQA Show Houston 2013

This is an extremely late post, but I've been sooooooo busy! I'm working 12-14 hours a day in my studio right now preparing for a show in France in May. (More on that to come) 

My husband and I had a blast in Houston, as always. Every year it gets better. This year I was more focused on the people than the quilts. I was fortunate enough to have three quilts on display at the show, and a some of my friends won awards and I was so happy! 

Me with "Venus in the Garden."

The awards ceremony is quite awesome. All of the first prize and big prize winners are behind a curtain and it raises when the winner is announced. 


Jane Sassaman is an artist I greatly admire, and she's a lovely person! She won one of the big awards this year.


Another big winner!


Another big winner...

Photographer Darling 

I really loved Heather Pregger's pieces, really beautiful! This won first place in Art Abstract. 

Tuning Fork #11 

Heather Pregger 

Paulette Landers

Jenny Bowker

My sweet friend, Hollis Chatelain... "Parched"


My lovely friend Caryl Bryer Fallert Gentry had an amazing display of her work. All the work was new but referenced her evolution as a quilt artist for 30 years. 

Caryl Bryer Fallert Gentry


Gul Laporte, Philippa Naylor, me, David Taylor.


My buddy Jerry Granata


Libby Lehman's sisters, Cathy and Ellen. There was an wonderful display of Libby's work in Houston. 


The amazing artist Pam Holland.


With the lovely Gail Thomas...  


With Carol Moellers and Alex Anderson.


I was seriously diggin' Ricky Tims' beard! 


One of the very best parts of going to Houston is seeing friends you never see anywhere else. However, Carol and I will be hanging out in January on the cruise "Soul of the Quilter" to benefit Libby's medical fund. 


Sophie Rubin, Luana Rubin, me, and Bonnie McCaffery.


My friend Sherry Kleinman with her award winning quilt Alone/Together.


I met these sweet ladies (daughter and mother) on my first trip to Houston in 2011.

The ladies that make this all possible, Karey Bresenhen and Nancy O'Bryant Puentes. 


It was so warm and nice in Houston - this year I brought my bathing suit! I was in the pool nearly every night (except when it was raining). 


 Here's a video by Bonnie McCaffery with wonderful interviews and a highlight of the quilts in the show. I'm at 1:30 talking about two of my pieces. Bonnie is so sweet and I look forward to seeing her every year in Houston.  :)