I'm a happy camper right now!

This is a historical event. I'm actually doing a blog post right when something happens, and not one or two months later! 

Anyway, I can't show the whole quilt (because we were asked not to), but I've been working on my piece to celebrate SAQA's 25th Anniversary, and I just finished the quilting a little while ago. The exhibit is called "Celebrate Silver" and it will debut in Houston this November. Now I'm in the process of blocking it and that will go on for a few days. It is due at the end of this month, but since I'm leaving for the "Soul of the Quilter Cruise" on the 24th, the pressure was on. 

I have one or two more small pieces to quilt by the 16th so wish me luck...  :)

Another big piece of news is that I'm having a gallery show in the South of France in May. That's the main reason I've been putting in so many hours. I've literally been working 12-14 hour days in the studio for a while now. All of my creative (tops) is done, and now I'll be quilting until late April. 

The show will be in a small village in Provence and I'm very excited to have a reason go there. Seriously. 

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