One day workshops in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara

Recently I taught one day workshops at the Westside Quilters in Los Angeles, and the Coastal Quilters in Santa Barbara. I'm always amazed at what students do in just one day. Many of them have never done improv work, but they dive in and just do it! 

I'm really looking forward to my next workshop, which is 5 days at Empty Spools in Asilomar. It's very exciting to see what flows out of each student. 

I was so honored to have Maureen in my class. As some of you may know, I started quilting in January 2009 when I discoved Project Linus on the first MLK Day of Service. Maureen also discoved PL on that day and we'd see each other at Blanket Days. This was the very first workshop she'd ever taken! It was very special for me and she was getting off to an amazing start. 

Everyone was having fun! We had a full house of 20 students.

Brenda was really going to town...

The next day I gave my lecture and during the show and tell, before I went on, Brenda shared her finished top! She had gone home that night and completed it! Several of the students in my class showed what they had done the prior day in class. Brenda was not the only one who went home and continued working her piece. It put a big smile on my face, that's for sure. 


After my lecture, some of the guild members took me to lunch, and little did they know, it was my favorite restaurant, The Westside Tavern. 


Now on to Santa Barbara...

Before my Thursday evening lecture, some of the guild members took me to a lovely restaurant with a great view. 

The next day was the workshop, and it was full. We had 23 students and they produced some great work.

Lou Ann is in a art group called Abstraked and all of the members were in the workshop. They do wonderful work and have an exhibit at Sisters in Oregon every year. 

Maren, also in Abstrakted, hosted me in her beautiful home. She's a gourmet cook and she prepared a delicious breakfast and an amazing dinner me! She's a wonderful artist and she has a super cool husband!

I loved the palette Suzy was using. 

Each person was doing something unique. I was really loving the direction this one was headed.

It turns out that I absolutely love teaching. It's fun and the students are having fun! I could ask for nothing more...  :)