Equality Exhibit at Visions Art Museum in San Diego

I'm thrilled to announce that I am curating an invitational exhibit that will premier at Visions Art Museum in San Diego, California, January 17, 2015. (I actually turn 50 on that day!)

The title is Expressions in Equality and it opens in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

The artists have been asked to make a piece specifically for this exhibit, and each piece will be the same size, in keeping with the theme of equality.

Summary of the exhibit:

Expressions in Equality

What drives people to undermine whole populations that they deem different and therefore unacceptable? From racial, gender and sexual inequality to ageism and classism, progress has been made, yet discrimination still abounds. This show begs the questions: What are the issues we’re challenged with, and what would a perfect society look like that’s sustained by pure, unconditional love?

I'm super thrilled with the artists who will be making a piece for this special exhibit:  

Alice Beasley

Carol Beck

Jenny Bowker

Dawn Williams Boyd

Blake Chamberlain

Hollis Chatelain

Shin-Hee Chin

Marion Coleman

Randall Cook

Ife Felix

Sheila Frampton-Cooper

Laura Gadson

Valerie Goodwin

Jerry Granata

Deborah Grayson

Sandra Hankins

Pam Holland

Sherry Davis Kleinman

Pauline Karasch Salzman

Patricia Kennedy-Zafred

Judy Zoelzer Levine

Kathy Nida

Mary Pal

Pam RuBert

Susan Shie

Susan Wessels


There will be an opening reception and I will provide more info at a later date.